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Welcome to Anco Wood Specialties. We have been serving the artist community with fine wooden products since 1904. We have been making stretcher bars longer than anyone in the industry. Our tongue and groove construction has become the standard for stretcher bars throughout the world. Our stretchers can be ordered any size from 10" and up.  Stretchers can be order in any fractional lengths. We work within a 1/32" tolerance. We can also make your stretcher in metric sizes. Our heavy duty stretchers are unique in that they are keyed at each corner and at each cross bar so that fine tuning and proper tension can be achieved along the entire stretcher. We have been manufacturing these custom stretchers for over 70 years and they have become the favorite of professional artists, museums, galleries and art conservators. Try them and you'll see why so many have chosen Anco to stand behind their best works of art.





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