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Our Custom Stretcher Frames are carefully made to your specifications. We use only the best grade of lumber that has no pitch or sap. We work in both inches and metric sizes. You specify the number of crossbars you want. We recommend a bar every 36", but will put in as many or as few as you request. All our crossbars are keyed (also known as wedges) and fit into a mortise in the outer frame making it possible to stretch the canvas along the entire frame.  All crossbars meet with a lap joint.  Custom size? No problem! Any length from 10" and up is possible. For frames longer than 84" it may be necessary to splice, which involves a 12" long joint that is attached with 3 bolts, washers and hexnuts. Nothing could be sturdier. We supply all hardware and wooden keys for each corner and each crossbar.  You will agree, this is the perfect support for all your finest works.

Moulding Dimensions

Custom Made Heavy Duty Stretchers


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