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About Anco

Olaf Anderson's dream of America was born when O.F. Anderson Company opened in 1904 in Brooklyn, NY.  As a woodworker in his native country of Sweden, Olaf hoped to bring his master woodworking skills to this country.  O.F. Anderson Company gave him that opportunity.

Custom Mouldings were his forte then and the tradition continues, over one hundred years later.

Olaf soon outgrew his space and moved his facility to Glendale, New York.  There it remained for the next 84 years. His product line expanded to include silk screen frames, custom screen doors, mirror panels, artist easels, drafting tables and artist canvas stretcher bars, growing to be number one in it's class, selling his fine products worldwide. Anco's tradition is of being at the forefront of design. Many of it's styles remain even though technology has changed Their timeless style is as much today as it was yesterday . The company was incorporated in 1934 and renamed  Anco Wood Specialties. To aid in Anco's rapid growth, Olaf brought in partners, and today,  Anco has remained under the same family management and ownership since 1934. Olaf would be very proud of the legacy he started over 111 years ago.



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